Palliative Care

What is palliative care


What is Palliative care? Palliative treatments are a specialized form of medical care offered to patients with serious illnesses to mitigate or prevent the side effects of symptoms thereof. Unlike curative treatments that focus strictly on curing the patient’s disease or illness, palliative care treats the emotional, social, and spiritual problems that serious illnesses can create. While any health care provider can provide palliative treatment, some providers specialize in it. That’s where we come in.  

When you need compassionate palliative care in Phoenix, AZ, rely on the dedicated team at Pillars Hospice Care. Serious illness affects more than just body. In reality, it can touch all areas of a patient’s life, as well as the lives of their family members. Our palliative care nurses strive to give your loved one and your family compassionate care and emotional support you need during this difficult time. Let us work closely with you to create a health support system that maximizes your loved one’s quality of life and help your family make the most of their time with them.

Free Consultation for Palliative Care Services

 We offer a free consultation where you can sit down with our nurses and address any concerns or questions you may have. Let us give your loved one and family the patient and family-centered care you deserve.

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How Palliative Care and Hospice Care Differ


A widely believed myth surrounding both hospice care and palliative care is that patients or their families only resort to these services when they’ve all but given up hope for a cure. However, neither of these beliefs hold true. While palliative care at home and in-home hospice care overlap in many ways, there are also subtle differences between the two.

Hospice and palliative treatments both offer compassionate care to patients faced with serious illnesses. Hospice care is reserved for terminally ill patients when treatments are no longer curative during the last six months of life. However, palliative care, which is a component of hospice care, can be used in separate areas of medical practice where the patient is receiving treatment. Moreover, patients receiving palliative care don’t necessarily have to be suffering from life-limiting illnesses. Palliative treatments can be administered when an illness is diagnosed, throughout treatment, during follow-up, or at the end of life.

They also differ in terms of treatment. Hospice care focuses primarily on the comfort and quality of life of a patient. It helps the patient get most out of their life with the time they have left. Palliative care is provided when the patient simply needs relief from their symptoms, regardless if they are life-threatening. Physical therapy and other types of treatment that prolong life may continue.

Our nurses are attentive, kind, and trustworthy. No matter what illness your loved one is suffering from, you can count on our palliative care nurses for personalized service. When you request our services, we’ll offer comprehensive care, guidance, and support, so you can be sure you’re making informed decisions as it pertains to your loved one’s treatment. Servicing Phoenix and all of Maricopa County